Blinds by YUMINDO

Suntex Otdoor Blind

Suntex Outdoor Blinds is a product specially designed for the outdoors. Equipped with waterproof material and safety, this type of blind stay sturdy even when it is exposed the wind and bad weather.

Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds are a type of curtains commonly used at offices, workspaces, hotel and residentials. Vertical blinds will create elegant and modern minimalist room.

Horizontal Blind

Horizontal blinds are window blinds in the form of thin slats arranged horizontally. However, now horizontal blinds are made of various materials (aluminum, wood, etc.), as well as various motifs and colors. The use of horizontal blinds itself is considered simple and beautiful.

Roman Shades Yumindo gorden interior

Roller Blind


Wooden Blind


Zebra Blind