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vertical blind
Window blinds are completed with a vertical light/sunlight controller. The component materials are plastic, nylon, and metal chrome. The fabric is made of Polyester/Fiberglass coated with special materials, with great technology so that the fabric does not warp and is weather-resistant. The vertical blinds are available in more than 150 colors with fabric motifs and types easily blending with the design and interior of your room. They are modern, minimalist, elegant, and suitable for small and even extra-large size windows. They can be applied to curved windows/top inclined plane positions as well.
horizontal blind
Horizontal Blind Venetian Blinds are a type of Horizontal Blind, with blinds covering the windows and light controller horizontally. They look minimalist and luxurious with 120 color preferences. The horizontal blind is made of aluminum slat base + brightening paint finishing and solid aluminum + powder coating for top and bottom boxes. It is weather-resistant and anti-rust forever with uniform color and more elegant and beautiful appearance. It has the best quality components (5 years warranty). It is available in several operating systems:- Manual System - One Control System - Pull Cord System
roller blind
The available sizes are 25 mm and 50 mm. Roller Blind is modern curtain functioning as window coverings to protect your room from the effects of excessive sunlight. A blind with rolling up/down fabric storing model The available fabric preferences are: - Solar Screen (the best in UV protection and makes the room shaded with ±5% light entering) - Superior Blackout (heat and sun protection) - Dimout & Natural Dimout material can block sunlight up to 90%, while blackout material can block sunlight up to 100%.
roman shade
The Roman shade is one of simple, luxurious, and practical fashion blinds. It is specially made of fabric with a variety of beautiful, simple, and luxurious motifs. It is suitable for your modern and minimalist room window. The available fabric preferences are: - Superior Blackout (heat and sun protection) - Dimout & Natural Dimout material can block sunlight up to 90%, while blackout material can block sunlight up to 100%.
hospital gordyn
Interior curtains and hospital dividers or hospital curtains are useful as room dividers, limiting between patients, maintaining patient privacy, and so on.

Ready-to-Install Curtains

We also serve ready-to-install curtains for customers who need a short service to install the curtains immediately. Curtains with a minimalist style that is very beautiful and suitable for any room in your home. Curtain Size: Height : 200 Cm Width : 140 Cm Maximum window size: Height : 180 Cm
PVC folding door
PVC Folding Door is a room divider made of PVC material simila to plastic materials. The PVC folding door working system is by sliding and using two ways, namely the side and middle covers. The PVC folding door is only moved with the top rail
commercial sheet floor
Commercial sheet floor has a smoother surface compared to solid wood floors Vinyl floors also have fabric or foam undercoat, making us feel soft and comfortable when stepping on the floor.

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